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"I was not willing to spend the money that you were asking for Tera but now that I have tried her the only word that comes to mind is WOW! I was hoping that it would feel some what like the real thing. Boy was I suprised, it is very cool. Thanks, a very happy customer.","dean"   "PD8500-32","5","it is unique","tracey"
"I really loved the Decadent Indulgence Vibe. I have had it now for about 8 months and it is still going strong. I haven't even had to change the batteries. It's quieter than most of the toys I have and I love the variable speed control the best. The fact that it is 9 inches long is overwhelmingly satsifying. It did everything that it said it would and more. I expected it to break or wear out by now, but to my surprise it hasn't! And believe me, I use it! It was worth the extra money I paid to get this one rather than a cheaper version.","Jenny"

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