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"This toy works a treat!! The curve hits places that other dildos usually don't. The texture feels great on your ass lips going in and out. I use this a lot after opening up with smaller ones. This is the one I like to cum with. Worth every penny!!","john"
 "This old standard is wonderful. I've been using it for at least fifteen years and it still affords me a ton of pleasure. The thrill of accomplishment when you finally eat up those last few inches is great. A real bargain for pigs who want to be stuffed without paying a fortune.","john"
 "This is a good training tool. Make no mistake, it's EXACTLY the size and shape of a medium size fist. This is NOT a toy for the newbie to jump on without a long warm up. That said, I love this toy for long play sessions. My partner loves to watch me slide it in.","john"

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